Androids Launches Official Design Portal

Tired of looking at Android apps that are decidedly more homely than their iOS counterparts? Google is too — and it’s finally doing something about it.

Cool Stop Motion Video

PROTEIGON from BURAYAN on Vimeo.   Check this stop motion video , very beatifull and give inspiration 😀 Enjoy and Have fun 😀

Free Vector Web Icons

Hi, Just surfing internet , here you can download Free Vector Web Icons (91 icons) From the amazing 😀

Great Websites Appgear

Great Websites Appgear Hi Just surfing internet, found this amazing site, this site about game. Please Kindly check Appgear Enjoy and Have Fun  

Hurry !!! Limited Freebies

Just surfing webdesignerreport , they launch freebies site check here zerobundle .  Enjoy and Have Fun.

Boring ? Check this out !!!

Suddenly my friend buzz me on Yahoo Messenger, and send me this link It’s a web comic site it’s really interesting 😀 just for fun. Enjoy and Have Fun

SEO plugins for your Blog

If you use wordpress here some SEO plugins for your blog 😀 CBnet Ping Optimizer   This is probably one of the widest unknown but most needed plug-ins for WordPress.  Your WordPress blog pings unnecessarily every time you click...

Looking For Some Design Inspiration

Hi, Just surfing the internet and found this interesting website Visualheap is a visual aggregator for designer. Enjoy and Have Fun 😀  

Design Inspiration : Lotus Esira

Hi, Just surfing internet and found this great pic from jlcreative @

Insane Chinese Women Volley Ball

Watch this !! i don’t know what to say, but this is great 😀 Enjoy and Have Fun 😀