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It’s a month of new beginnings over at our design and inspiration gallery Creattica. April has seen the site undergo a complete redesign with a whole new streamlined grid-style layout for its over 50 different categories. On top of that, Creattica now has better navigation, a new UI Elements section and a growing Freebies area of now over 700 items. All this and over 14,000 featured works from some 100,000 members. It’s quite the site!

But that’s not all, let’s first take a look at some of Creattica’s top Photoshop work as well as a few PSD Freebies – and then stay tuned for some exciting news at the conclusion!

1. Authority blowing away

2. Uncorked

3. The Dancer

4. Zebras

5. Dark Surreal Illustration

6. Sitting on top

7. Life is Love

8. A Part Of Me

9. PicsMagic+

10. Vana’diel Atlas

11. Ariel

12. Life in music

13. The Crow

14. Musica e cucina

15. Casa

16. Dancer in the city

17. breakfast

18. Dragon Airways

19. Metamorphosis II

20. The Cocoon

PSD Freebies

21. Pretty Little Red Ribbon

22. Grunge Notification Box

23. Leatherly – One Page Site Template

24. Glossy text effect

25. “Admit One” Ticket Stubs

26. Corner ribbon

27. New template Workin

28. PSD Template for Portfolio Blog

29. Vintage Web Design Portfolio

30. DigitalRust Website

1. Highland Interior by Night

2. Walther P22

3. War Machine 3D Model

4. Porsche

5. Spray Paint

6. Los Angeles Police Car

7. Terrace

8. Messiah Explorer XVIII

9. Pentax Spotmatic

10. Amor facta est crescentibus

11. Waterbanana

12. 1938 Bugatti Type 57sc Atlantic

13. The Paper Fox Project

14. Coffee Table

15. Vibrant

16. Russian MiG-29 multirole fighter

17. lemons

18. Dodge Journey “Never Neutral”

19. Fishing letters

20. Artistry

The Future of Creattica

When we started Creattica (originally Faveup) back in 2007, we wanted it to be one on the top inspiration galleries on the web. And as the site has grown and changed over the years, we find ourselves with what has become one of the biggest, broadest and most in-depth galleries of design out there. So I guess we can say – mission accomplished!

Over these past few months, Envato has really started working on focusing on our core products of Marketplaces and Tuts+ sites. So while we love Creattica, we find ourselves in the regrettable position of having to put the site up for sale soon. We really want it to go to an awesome home, so if anyone would like to express interest in the sale or get more details, please contact us here.

I’m certain we’ll find some new owners who can keep Creattica growing and evolving on into the future. And in the meantime I hope you enjoy the new design and all the gorgeous work as much as I do!

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