How to Create a Vector Artwork in the Style of Pencil Drawing


How to Create a Vector Artwork in the Style of Pencil Drawing

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create sketch-like vector brushes   for reproducing a pencil sketch in vector artwork. Then we will apply   one of the created brushes in practice and get to know all the stages of   creating this artwork. In this tutorial I used the Phantasm CS and DrawScribe plugins so you’ll learn about some tools of these plugins and apply them to solve practical problems.

Creating Outline

Paste the scanned sketch in the current document and convert the associated layer into the Template Layer by double clicking on its name and ticking Template in the Layer Options window.

Create a new layer above the Template Layer and selecting one of the previously-created brushes, or brushes from my collection, create an outline of our illustration with the help of the Dynamic Sketch Tool.

Lines of the vector sketch should not be as accurate as in the inking, because we are reproduce a pencil sketch, therefore, slight inaccuracy is welcomed in this case. Now let’s take a look at some techniques that reveal the unique features of the Dynamic Sketch Tool.

You can create a perfect circle by hand. To do this, create multiple looped gestures in the area of the frog’s iris.

If you have specified 100% smoothness in the Dynamic Sketch panel and enabled the “Auto-Detect Continuous Repeated Closed Path Sketch Traces” and “Smooth Toward Circular” options in the Dynamic Sketch Preferences window, you’ll get a perfect circle.

Gesture trimming mode allows you to remove parts of, or whole, paths with zigzag gestures across the path. Ensure that the Gesture trimming mode is enabled via the tool’s panel and cross the target path between 3 and 5 times.

Let’s talk about the other mode of this flexible drawing tool. Intelligent path joining mode allows you to connect intersecting strokes, removing parts that are beyond the point of intersection.

Have you noticed that I drew a perfectly straight line? No, I do not have iron hands and I did not use a ruler! Simply, to create a straight-line segment, hold down Opt / Alt whilst sketching a new path.


You can read full version this tutorial on Astute Graphics

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