How to Create a Sports Poster in Ink Drawing Style with WidthScribe


Today we take a look at the technique of creating ink drawing style using WidthScribe. Thanks to this plug-in you can achieve a similar effect by setting the parameters in the Width Stamp panel. Phantasm effects will allow you to conduct all the necessary manipulations with the bitmap image directly in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1

For this tutorial, we will need a photo isolated on white background. I took the Figure in the karate fighting stance image from Shutterstock. Create a new Illustrator’s document and place the image (File Place …).

Step 2

To create an ink drawing effect we will use the Width Stamp tool of the WidthScribe plug-in. Open its panel (Window WidthScribe Width Stamp panel). Set the parameters and options shown in the picture below, and select the Concentric Circle preset. Of course, you can use other settings. It all depends on the image size and the goals you’d like to achieve.

Now click on the Make with Preset button.

Thanks to WidthScribe the image was converted into variable width concentric circles that convey the distribution of light and shadow of the image.

Step 3

Karatekas believe that the source of energy is located in the navel area. No problem, let’s move the center of concentric circles to this point. Click on All Settings… button in the Width Stamp panel. In the open dialog box, set the new X coordinate that corresponds to the required position of the preset center.

Step 4

Despite the fact that we have chosen Trim Contour at Min Width option, segments of circles are located not only on the karate man’s body, but also on the background. This happens because the background is not completely white. You can easily isolate the body of the athlete, if you are using Phantasm. Select Image object in the Width Stamp group in the Layers panel.

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