How to create Queen Elizabeth portrait in engraved style with WidthScribe tools in Adobe Illustrator


Today we will create a portrait of the Queen in an engraved style. Three tools of WidthScribe plugin, such as Width Selector Tool, Width Stamp Tool and Width Brush Tool, will help us with that. In order to accelerate and facilitate the process of drawing, we will also use other unique vector tools from Astute Graphics. It makes your drawing easy!

Step 1

To create a portrait, I’ll use a photo of the Queen. Place the image into the new Illustrator’s document (File Place…). By the way, you can crop any embedded images directly in Adobe Illustrator with the Crop Image Tool in Rasterino plug-in.

Step 2

Create a black rectangle for the background, and place it below the photo of the Queen. Now recreate Queen Elizabeth’s facial contour using the Pen Tool (P) or InkScribe, which will be a more intelligent and comfortable tool.

Draw hair outline and facial details.

Do not delete the bitmap image, you will need it in the next steps of this tutorial. To create some objects it is more convenient to use variable width paths rather than filled paths. Let’s look at it on the example of the nostril’s shape. Create an S-shaped uniform path.

Give it the desired shape using the Width Selector Tool and its panel (Window WidthScribe Width Selector panel). Select the path, and then choose the Convert Selected Paths to Variable Width in the dropdown menu of the panel.

Red width markers appeared at the beginning and the end of the path, select them using the Width Selector Tool, then click on the Taper stroke button in the Width Selector panel. This leads to sharpening of the ends of the paths.

With the help of the Width Selector Tool, we can add new width markers and change their position. Tool’s panel allows us to accurately and conveniently control the width value of any selected markers, allowing us to quickly give the desired shape to the path.

Step 3

Create hatching on the face of the queen. The direction of the lines should represent the face shape. To create such hatching it is convenient to use theg Blend Tool (W). Draw four curved segments similar to the one shown in the following picture.

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How to create Queen Elizabeth portrait in engraved style with WidthScribe tools in Adobe Illustrator | manda | 4.5
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