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Streamlining snippets of data into eye-catching infographics has been around since 30,000 BC, utilized in cave paintings for engaging storylines that are easy to follow.



They have evolved to meet the current needs of a quickly changing online society, ensuring that wandering minds are focused on a certain concept.

With vibrant themes and an interesting layout, you will be able to capture the focus of your clientele so that your information stays centered in the forefront of a quickly changing marketplace.

Sir Ed McCabe once said,

“Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.”

In this marketplace, that advantage is crucial, and the way to achieve it is with innovative infographics. Utilizing flowing designs to reel in your audience can make the difference for your company. You have to find the shortest and most inventive way to organize your data and make it visually appealing and understanding for your consumer.

What do They Do for Your Business?


Infiographics offer a variety of ways for your users to understand your data

Data conception through infographics is an incredibly effective tool for branding as customers remember 80% of what they see and do.

These data pieces work for your brand by:

  • Drawing attention to your concept through intriguing graphics and compelling data while utilizing a simple format that does not increase the user’s cognitive burden.
  • Providing a mutually beneficial visual that markets your business and is highly shareable by affiliates because it has appeal to their market. Today’s biggest social media platforms navigate primarily through picture sharing, so choosing this option to market your business will create easy opportunities for your brand to get recognized.
  • Offering a variety of ways for your users to understand your data. Some customers will make their decisions based on blog posts and lists while others will gather their information based on your infographic. Offering multiple ways to read your content is a clear advantage in marketing.

By broadening your marketing techniques and thinking more visually, you are increasing your consumer’s knowledge of your brand and services.

Choosing Your Infographic

Infographics can also be a great tool for branding

Infographics can also be a great tool for branding

Many businesses need assistance as they utilize this marketing tool and turn to infographic designers to help them. A good infographic designer will help a business choose which is the best direction to take to make sure they entertain, engage, and educate their audience using the wealth of data they have at their fingertips.

When it comes to solid infographics, most business topics will offer enough engaging material to transform previously static text into an informative and impressive viewing experience. There is an endless stream of data that could be converted into visual form: general timelines about your business or a proposed roll out that displays your business in an interesting light.

This list of Infographic ideas can help businesses kick-start their concept. Finding a visual way to explain an important process, make a comparison between your work and a competitor, or offer a collection of ideas, quotes, or statistics can be overwhelming; however, the only limit to your brand is your imagination and the skill of your designer to make that image come true.

Avoiding Terrible Infographics

It is important to nail the right blend of information and visuals to ensure that your infographic will be an effective tool or you will have wasted all of your efforts. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

Too Much Text

Too much text distracts

Too much text distracts

No matter how amazing your visuals are or how compelling the data is, when you cram too much text into your infographic you will immediately lose your audience. The text should support the visuals and make them more compelling.

Jumbled Narrative

Visuals still need a structured narrative

Visuals still need a structured narrative

Your infographic should flow smoothly and logically. Just because you are painting your data instead of writing it, that does not remove the need for a structured narrative. It should have a logical beginning, middle, and end.

Generic Appearance

Your infographic should be intriguing enough

Your infographic should be intriguing enough

A generic infographic will be completely ignored, even by those who are in your target audience. There is no shortage of intriguing infographics on the Internet, so your consumers’ eye will skip over a bland design.

Do not skimp on your design, as it is the most crucial part that will attract consumers. These mistakes can cost you your base, or make you seem out of touch and boring.

Make Your Infographic Work for You

Infographics take time and energy to create, so you should use it more than once to boost your traffic. It is simple to make sure that your infographic continues to work for you long after the original design is completed.

Infographics Can be Recycled into a White Paper or Press Release

Many businesses forget that an infographic can be used anywhere, not just as a relevant static page. A clever business will use the same research and data for a press release, white paper, or investigative piece, utilizing the best pieces of the infographic and re-cycling the data.

Link Credits

If your infographic is engaging and explains a complex theory in an understandable way, you have a high chance of going viral on the Internet. This is not only good for general traffic and shares, but you will get link credits from many blogs and sites across the Internet.

Infographics Have ROI and Measurable Results

Infographics are an amazing form of public relations that offer measurable results through social shares, citations, traffic generating, and backlinks. These trackable results make it easy for SEO departments to accumulate data and create comprehensive ROI reports.

The following list of Infographic ideas will help to jump start the flow of ideas so that you can quickly showcase an important process; make a direct comparison between your services and a competitors, or display ideas and statistics.

This list can help you get started with a lot of ideas


About the Author:

Vikas Agrawal is an Online Marketing Expert Infographic Designer Vikas Agrawal co-founded Infobrandz to ensure that their clients are creating top-notch visual content to educate and engage their clients. His creative designing service is known for innovative Infographic designs and solid presentation skills that boost business and online traffic.

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