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Today we’ll talk a little bit about the two most common types of symmetry and using tools so you can quickly and easily create symmetrical objects in Adobe Illustrator. And this is important, because symmetry is used in all kinds of design, architecture, painting and other visual arts.

Brief notes about symmetry

Symmetry is one of the simplest and most common methods of composition in the visual arts, which in ancient times was considered as the fundamental law of harmony and shape perfection. Symmetry occurs every day in nature and technology, so symmetrical shape is perceived easily and instantly by transmitting peace and balance.

There are several types of symmetry. The most common of these are mirror and axial symmetry. Mirror symmetry is based on the equality of the two parts of the shape that are located relatively to one another as an object and its reflection in the mirror. Imaginary plane which divides such shape into two called a plane or axis of symmetry. For example I used Friends logo design from Shutterstock.

Axial symmetry is based on the rotational movement and turning the shape around the axis of symmetry. When rotating at a certain angle the shape is duplicating. For example I used Infinite loop icon from Shutterstock.

Means of obtaining symmetrical objects in Adobe Illustrator

There are several ways to achieve symmetry using the native tools of Adobe Illustrator. Reflect Tool (O) and Reflect command (Object Transform Reflect …) are designed to create a mirror symmetry. Using the Reflect Tool (O), you can specify the position of the axis of symmetry (click + Opt / Alt), and then in the dialog box, select the type of the axis of symmetry or specify the angle of inclination. To duplicate an object, you must click on the Copy button.

Rotate Tool (R) can be used to produce an axial symmetry. Specify the position of the axis of symmetry (click + Opt / Alt), and then in the dialog box, set the rotation angle and push the Copy button.

To continue the symmetry (rotation and copying) use Cmd / Ctrl + D shortcuts.

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