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A Ukrainian illustrator, Oceloti, gives you the opportunity to download a free vector devoted to Halloween today. And how can Helloween be without a pumpkin with a terrible carved mug?

Such pumpkin is called jack-o’-lantern – ‘Jack’s lantern’. According to one Irish legend, once there was a farmer called Jack. Jack was a drunkard like of which the world has never seen. One day he was trying to sell his soul for a cup of ale to the devil and managed to fool him twice. When Jack finally died, he couldn’t be accepted into heaven because of his addiction to alcohol and gambling, and the devil didn’t take him to hell saying that he can go where he came from. Jack had a pumpkin with him, so he made a lantern from it with a little coal inside and till our days he still wanders in our world.

License: These design resources can be used in any personal or professional projects. But the resource files themselves cannot be resold or distributed.

And now the author will tell a little about himself: My name is Michail, I live in the city of Lutsk, in Ukraine. I worked in different fields unrelated to design. In my free time I studied graphic programs, design trends, and I focused on vector illustration and even though I’ve been on microsrocks for more than 4 years, I drew very little and with big breaks. Because of the changes in the country, I left my permanent job and started designing microstock illustrations. I sincerely wish everyone to do all things they love.

Author’s portfolio

I want to remind you that on our website you can find a tutorialHow to create Halloween T-shirt design in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial you also have an opportunity to download the original vector file.


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