Free vector from Iricat- Lace and Gzhel


We continue publishing free vector from microstock contributors in exchange of dofollow links. Today Iricat gives us four illustrations. Some of the readers of Vectorboom ordered a tutorial on lace topic. Download and check out how it is done without waiting for instructions.

Iricat, tell our readers a little bit about yourself

Hello friends! I live in Moscow area, in Russia. I’m working at microstock websites for 2 years. I completed higher education; I received a degree in Economics and Trade. I worked as an expert of certification of sale, then taught in trade college. In 2011, I had to leave my work because of personal reasons. I looked for opportunities of free earning. At first I was doing copywriting, then I completed web design courses, and discovered Illustrator and Photoshop for myself. And now I draw for microstock websites and for some clients. And I enjoy doing it a lot.

Lace and Gzhel

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

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Free vector from Iricat- Lace and Gzhel | manda | 4.5
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