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We begin publishing free vector packs which were kindly provided by contributors of microstock websites. You can also find here short information about the authors and dofollow links to his/her websites and portfolios. Of course, you can join the project if you have something to share with us. And today you’ll find a set of construction vectors from Gennady Poddubny. Personally I am interested in details, in how this is done. And what about you?

Gennady, tell our readers a little about yourself.

Hello everybody! I studies at the Department of Painting in the art school in Dnepropetrovsk. For some time I was engaged in restoration of icons under the guidance of my teacher. I worked in a couple of little publishing offices, and simultaneously kept drawing for microstock websites. An acquaintance of mine, a hobby photographer, told me about the business. I was able to give up my permanent job, successfully left it for good because sometimes working with clients could be very stressful. But I’m grateful to my supervisors for proving experience, because now I know how to create vector illustrations so that other people could easily work with them too. I think that the main advantage of vector illustration is that they are easy to edit, that’s exactly why I don’t use gradient meshes. Now I draw for microstock sites, rarely take any orders. I live in Ukraine.

Construction Machinery

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