Useful quizzes and on-line games for designers


Let’s play a little bit today! I want to say straight away that such games are not without benefit. By performing simple tasks you can test your eye, your color perception, improve your skills in Bezier’s curves manipulation and test your knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Play with Bezier curves

Bezier Game – a game that helps you mastering the Pen Tool.

By doing this test you’ll need to repeat the forms of objects with the help of the on-line Pen Tool. Even though I consider myself to be an advanced user of Adobe Illustrator, it was harder for me to use this tool than the native one. May be you’ll like it better. Get Started…

Shape Type – a latter shaping game

Here you need to reconstruct the shape of the letters of different fonts by manipulating the handles of the anchor points. As well as in Adobe Illustrator, you can use Shift to constrain angels. It is a very exciting game. My score is 74 out of 100, and yours? Get Started…

Practicing your eye

The eyeballing game

Good eye is one of the most important qualities of any designer or artist. The eyeballing game will help you to adjust to make a parallelogram, find the mid-point of the line segment, bisect the angle, mark the point equidistant to the edges, mark the center of the circle, make a right angle, and find an intersection point of straight lines. My score is 4.36 and Total time is 132.85, try to beat my score! Get started…

KERNTYPE – a kerning game.

Move letters to install the right kerning. In some cases, it could be hard. Try it yourself. My score is 86 out of 100. Get started…

Color perception test

Color Method – a color matching game.

Your task is to match a color presented in example as quickly as possible. You will pick out colors by hue, saturation, complementary and so on. To complete each task you have only 10 seconds. My score is 6.3 out of 10. I’m sure you can do better. Get started…

Online Color Challenge

You need to arrange colors in the correct sequence in shade. Fortunately, there is no rush here. Thanks to a good monitor “I have perfect color vision”. Challenge your eye and monitor. Get started…

General knowledge of graphic design

Free Graphic Design Assessment Quiz

Do you want to become a professional graphic designer? Then challenge yourself. This test can show your weaknesses. My score is 68 out of 100. Get started…

Tests on knowledge of design software

Test your knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

Get started…

How proficient are you at Adobe Photoshop?

Let’s check…

Don’t feel shy to share your results and other useful web sites in comments. Have a wonderful day!


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