Rounding up the latest design news from July


You might be too old for school (or that sweet summer break is coming to a close), but these warm months still feel like a time of transition for everyone. The design world is no different. July heralded big brand changes, ground-breaking design, company expansions and so much more.

Read on below for the juiciest bits of July design news!

Skeuomorphism bites the dust


Material design style guide: Google

We all know the story. First came the computer, then the iPods and iPhones. Before we knew it, we’d transitioned from paper journals and calendars to digital icons of them on a screen. As a designer, you may be familiar with the word “skeuomorphic” – design that resembles it’s real world counterparts in a 3D digital format. It is also notably on its way out of style.

Flat design has been trending for a while now (some of you may remember the uproar when Apple jumped on the bandwagon last year with its iOS7 update). But with Google’s new design style guide demanding flat design, it might be the final nail in the skeuomorphic coffin.

While many smartphone users understand the visual language of modern tech design, some worry that this transition may alienate some users. Although only time will tell if this is a step on the road to a humanity of future zombies, it is (at the very least) a sign to start ramping up your flat design skills. The future is now!

Foursquare gets a makeover


Logo redesign: Foursquare

While most of July’s buzz followed Airbnb’s controversial new logo, that wasn’t the only big company to get a makeover. Foursquare, the original app for users to “check-in” to places, announced big changes this month – and with it, a big rebrand. While the site will still check you in, it also gives you information about the area you are (a lá Yelp) and will enable you to teach it your preferences for a more customized experience.

As for the concept behind their new logo, Foursquare explains, “If you build a totally new app, you need a totally new logo. Our logo is changing from the check-in checkmark to something representing the new Foursquare. We designed it to be a mix of map pin and superhero emblem. We’ve always thought of Foursquare as giving you superpowers to explore your city, and our new logo reflects that vision.”

Whether or not you think the app actually give you superpowers, the new logo shows an innovative mix of their old style and new future in one visual package. What do you think?

Inspiration Pad rewrites the drawing board


Photo: Inspiration Pad (via TM Shop)

Tired of those college-bound notebooks with the oh-so straight(forward) blue lines. Well, you’re in luck, because designer Marc Thomasset has devised a whole new way to brainstorm. The Inspiration Pad looks like your standard notebook, and includes the same blue lines, but in a variety of patterns.

It promises to change your visual thinking and offer a different set of lines to read – and draw – between. Although flat design is in, flat lines are no longer the only option!

Egyptian graphic designer’s protest art makes waves


“No / لا”: Ganzeer

Paired with the likes of Shepard Fairey and Banksy, Ganzeer has rapidly risen the ranks in the guerrilla art scene. Borne out of the Egyptian revolution, he uses his graphic design background and street art style to voice protest through art – or as he calls it, “[an] alternative media campaign”. Aiming to offset the media’s propaganda, he’s distributed everything from printed stickers and quizzes to painted massive murals.

After his real identity was recently outed by the Egyptian media, Ganzeer moved to Brooklyn and is currently showcasing his work at the Booklyn Arts Alliance. This show in Brooklyn is only one of the artist’s many residencies around the globe as he attempts to create change not only in his native Egypt, but to encourage it globally as well.

Adobe joins the content game

Creative Cloud Market

Adobe’s been on a role recently. In June they launched extensive upgrades to the Creative Cloud and – less than a month later – they’ve added curated content to their offerings.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Market will be a pay service built into the Adobe cloud which will offer high-quality assets “for creatives by creatives”, including a lengthy list of UI kits, patterns, icons and more. With these new stock offerings on the table, web design, product design and mockups should be a whole lot more interesting!

Did we miss something? Share your biggest design news from July in the comments!

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