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June. It’s the middle of the year; the official start of summer. It’s a time for festivals, relaxation and increased creativity. It’s the perfect time to catch up on world news… world design news, that is!

Poster Biennale

June 2014 design news: Poster Biennale

By Lukasz Kowalski (left) and Wieslaw Rosocha (right) via Poster Page

Since 1966 the world’s largest poster museum in Poland, Poster Museum at Wilanów, has hosted the International Poster Biennale. Held every second year, this year’s contest received over 3,000 entries from more than 1,000 individual participants from all over the globe – from Taiwan to Denmark, Estonia to Venezuela.

Winners were awarded this month in the category of professional or amateur designers. The Category A winner for professional designers was Polish designers Wieslaw Rosocha. Lukasz Kowalski, also of Poland, took the gold for Category B for emerging designers.

Check out all of the winners and runners up here!

Designs of the Year event

June 2014 design news

Heydar Aliyev Center via GG Magazine

The London Design Museum hosts a yearly event: Designs of the Year. With cutting-edge submissions that span mobile apps, architecture, print publications and more – the event runs the full gamut of design work. Now in its seventh year, the exhibition offers viewers a sneak peek at the future of art, architecture and digital media.

This year’s winner was architect Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan (pictured above). Hadid is the first woman to be selected as a winner for this prize.

Although architecture took the tops in 2014, there are many graphic works on display this year as well. Click here for a slideshow of some of the top entries.

Silicon Valley puts logo design in the limelight

June 2014 design news

“Silicon Valley” Pied Piper logo redesign

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that California’s tech-savvy Silicon Valley is having its moment in the sun. While the aptly named HBO show Silicon Valley has been poking fun at the area’s start-up culture in general, a recent episode focused exclusively on the logo design for the fictional company, Pied Piper.

While we here at 99designs know that logo design is critical to the branding of a new business, the show brings this idea to the masses. The episode not only parodies the common tropes of start-up logo design (i.e. lower case letters, offset letters, etc…), but also considers the important considerations of interesting logo design vs. what is safe.

In the end the company revises the decidedly amateurish logo that the company originally used, and transforms it into the sleeker you see above. A good lesson for all!

Adobe Creative Cloud adds tons of new features

June 2014 design news

An example of the new Perspective Warp feature in Photoshop

In the design world, there ain’t nothing more important than software (well, and your own creativity!). So when Adobe announced the launch of 14 all-new versions of their desktop apps, we were pretty darn excited.

We covered Photoshop’s extensive updates in an earlier blog post, but some of our favorite additions include layer searching (by name, effect, blend mode, etc…), group clipping masks, and on-canvas dimensions. As Sheryl Crowe once said, “A little change would do you good.”

The Hunger Games ups the ante on promo design

June 2014 design news: Hunger Games

The Hunger Game’s Mockingjay promotional posters

The Hunger Games series (not one to shy away from daring aesthetics) is bringing graphic design to the spotlight with their promotional posters for the upcoming Mockingjay film. The ads portray the fictitious propaganda of Panem politics, using design to glorify the Districts as a part of the Capitol’s psychological warfare against the oppressed states. This is done in a visually bold, yet realistic way – much like the look of the film itself.

This kind of pseudo-guerrilla marketing gives audiences a pre-emptive spark, stirring up excitement for the film, stimulating a tingle in fans’ spines and invoking odd mid-summer lust for November when the film will be released. The posters also double as great collectors items (not too shabby!). See them all at the film’s official website here.

The Capitol may salute its citizens, but we here in the design world salute The Hunger Games for its innovative promotion.

Have any June 2014 design news of your own? Share it in the comments!

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