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For all of you designers looking for great fonts to use in your commercial design — we’ve got another great solution for you!

Google Web Fonts is a easy and a FREE alternative for finding the perfect commercial-use font for your design. While the fonts are primarily created to be used on the web, they’re also available for print use!

Most of us know this tech giant for many of its other useful services: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome and many more. But Google offers a series of less-well known but equally useful services, one of which is Google Web Fonts.



With Google Web Fonts, you get access to a library of Web Open Fonts, available for personal and commercial-use.

You start off by browsing through hundreds of fonts, searching by keyword or by filters. Add the desired fonts to your “collection,” essentially a checkout basket where you can preview what the fonts look like in different formats:



Then, you have two choices for acquiring your fonts: either download the fonts straight onto your computer, or generate the font’s code. Of course, we recommend the first choice for your designs at 99 — no coding needed here.

Best of all — you don’t have to pay for any part of their service. Pretty convenient.

What awesome font resources do you use? Please share them in the comments below. 

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