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Web designing and developing are becoming very popular careers among the new generation. With new techniques coming almost every day, it becomes very confusing for designers and developers to understand all the techniques. But thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of online courses where you can get all the information you need regarding designing and development.

Some of them are paid while others are free but, they all come very handy when you want to learn the proper techniques of designing and developing. I have made a list of 20 courses found online which you can learn everything about web designing. Here it goes:


1wd is a place where you can learn to get clients and make money online. You can learn this even without a formal education or a past experience. Simply sign up for the and you can enjoy all the access to courses, forums, videos and training for US $47/month.

You will learn about:

  • WordPress
  • Freelancing
  • CSS,
  • BootCamp and Responsive designing

2. Java for Complete Beginners


This is a course offered by Udemy. It is a completely free course in which you can learn to program using the Java programming language. Complete knowledge on installation and working of Java is provided. The course includes a life time access to 72 lectures with quizzes.

3. Web Design – CSS HTML For Beginners


Another one of Udemy’s courses is CSS HTML For Beginners. You will learn:

  • HTML Tables Lists
  • HTML iFrames CSS Simulated iFrames
  • Creating External Style Sheets
  • Exploring Class IDs
  • Building Your Webpage’s Layout in CSS

The course is available in US$27.

4. Intro to Computer Science


This course is offered by Udacity. In this course, you can learn and practice the key computer science concepts by creating your very own versions of famous web apps. The duration of course is approximately 3 months with 6-hour per week sessions .

The course is available for US$150 per month with free 2 weeks trial.

5. Mobile Web Development


This course is also offered by Udacity and designed to teach web developers everything about creating great cross-device mobile web experiences. The focus is on creating mobile web apps that work on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, etc.

The cost of this course is US$200 per month. There is a 14-day money back guarantee provided to the learners.

6. Photoshop Accelerated For Beginners


The course is offered through Udemy. You will learn to create your own workspace. The course offers you the fastest way to go from beginner to an expert in Photoshop.

The price of this course is US$27.

7. UX Basics


The course is offered by Teamtreehouse. It explains the importance of user experience and the reasons for which it exists. You will learn about the goals of UX designers and how they think, and what tools they use.

The course is offered through a membership plan starting from US$25 per month with 14-day free trial.

8. Programming for Everybody


The course is offered through one of the biggest platforms of Coursera. This course teaches all the basics about programming computers. Everyone who has fair experience about computers can master the materials through this course. The course is completely free and anyone can learn it.

9. Human-Computer Interaction


This is another free course offered by Coursera. It teaches you to create human-centered design skills so that you can create excellent interfaces with any technology. You will learn how to design technologies that have the ability to attract the visitors.

10. Create a HTML5 Game from Scratch


The course is offered by skillfeed and teaches you how to make HTML games easily. You can learn to make different action games similar to Zelda. Learn it from scratch without any previous experience. However, it is recommended that you learn basics about HTML and JS first before joining in this course.

The course is available with a monthly subscription of US$19.

11. Creating Seamless Textures in Photoshop


The course teaches you how to use textures in Photoshop so that you can create incredibly looking pictures. But, some basic understanding about Photoshop is required for the course.

This course is also offered by skillfeed and is available for a monthly subscription of US$19.

11. jQuery for Designers


This course is offered by tutsplus. It teaches you everything that you want to learn about the jQuery. The course can be learned in a very fun and easy environment. The course is available for US$25.

12. Mastering Sketch Design in Illustrator


This course will teach you to create a still life entirely in Illustrator. You can learn to sketch it through different drawing tools. You can render the objects with layered gradients, transparent shapes, and various blend modes. This course is also offered by tutsplus and available for US$25.

13. PSD to HTML – Flat Design Build


This course will teach you about PSD designs. You will learn to create fully functional HTML/CSS web pages. The starting files are available for free but to view the complete course, you have to buy it for US$25.

14. The WordPress Theme Customizer


The course teaches you to customize the themes and see a live preview of the changes. You can do it without toggling back and forth from the dashboard to the public-facing side of websites. This is one of the courses offered by tutsplus and available for US$25.

15. iOS Fundamentals


This course is offered by codeschool. You will learn to build iOS applications for iPhones and iPad mobile devices. The course teaches you the basics of iOS development and brings your app ideas to life.

The courses are offered with monthly subscription starting from US$29.

16. Ruby Basics


You will learn to master Ruby techniques with this course. The course is available at codeschool. It is helpful in increasing your Rails street cred by teaching you to build dynamic, sustainable applications for the Internet.

As this is offered by codeschool, it is also based on the membership plans, starting from US$29.

17. JavaScript Ember.JS


This course is meant to teach you about the powerful scripting language. You will learn to create lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces. The course is offered by codeschool and available on a monthly subscription plans starting from US$29.

18. Learn WordPress – A Quick and Easy Guide


You can learn everything from scratch about WordPress. The course is offered by Udemy and teaches you all things required to make your WordPress site up and running. The course is completely free and anyone can learn it.

19. How to Make Graphics for a Website


This is a very useful course for all the designers. You will learn designing, layout and distribution of site graphics. The course has total seven sections and is available for US$97 from Udemy.

20.  The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Designer


This is a must course to learn for all the designers out there. You will learn all the answers to your questions about designing. After the end of this course, you will become a complete designer. The best thing about this course is that it’s free. It is available on Udemy.


You can go to a university and get the degree in your related field or you can learn everything you want through these courses. Take full use of the tutorials that are available for the beginners and advanced level users in all the courses. All mentioned above provide complete training in designing and development field. Some of them are free while some of them can cost you.

Which one do you prefer? Which other course do you think should be added in the list? If you like to share it with us, please put it in the comment section below.

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