10 Reasons Why You NEED to Launch Your Online Portfolio


The world has gone digital and everything in it automatically follows. Jobs are no longer stereotyped to be activities where you have to sit on a boring chair all day. Nowadays, people can work anywhere they want, thanks to the Internet.

As the Internet becomes a viable option for job opportunities, conventional job seeking has becoming archaic. With that, job seeking has also gone the same. Answering job advertisements or looking at classified ads are growing less and less popular because freelancing is becoming a more viable option.

But before going full-fledged freelance, you need to remember a few things. One of these is that you should start working on how to launch your online portfolio.

Portfolios can be hard copies of the projects that you have done. Yes, some people still do that but since we are now at the digital information age, a website can be a perfect substitute.

Now, you ask me, “Why do I need to create a portfolio? I’m doing well in my job. Why take the hassle and waste time compiling my previous work?”

Here are a few of the reasons why you should start a portfolio website right NOW:

To help you stand out among the rest

Once you applied for the job, you should know that you have a lot of competition. To best these other options your client is considering, have an ace and create a beautiful and detailed portfolio.


Here are a few tips on how to make your portfolio stand out:

  • Create an artistic and trendy-looking portfolio website. (Look for inspirations here)
  • Put your best works first
  • Do not put your not-so-good projects
  • Be honest yet witty
  • Write an enticing headline

For the client to see your work anywhere, anytime


Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Because of that, your clients or future employers can check on you anytime they want. Of course, you want them to see is your portfolio. Focus on making it beautiful by:

  • Assuring that the website is responsive
  • Optimizing the website’s SEO.
  • Assuring that you use clear graphics and a simple but killer copy.

To save great amount of time


In freelancing, as is in any business, time is of the essence. Most of your clients would want to see your work in an instant. Making your future clients see what you can really do will surely save you time against interviews and examinations. You just simply go straight to the point.

Because it’s more personal


When you create an online portfolio, you share your style and your personality in the designs, basically a part of yourself. Because of this, clients can easily understand what you are capable of. You can also include testimonials, which I think, makes your work more credible. Personalized online portfolios will also prove that you really did the ones posted and you just didn’t Google images of sample output.

How to make your portfolio more personal?

  • Add testimonials
  • Write in a very descriptive and personal manner
  • Voice out your difficulties and your feelings while doing the project
  • If possible, you can include WIP pictures

It shows how much real experience you’ve had


Creating a portfolio website will also show how much real experience you had. Yes, you may put some projects on your resume but posting them in a website would make your readers see for themselves how good you are. No BS.

It implies you are organized and creative

Online portfolios show your creativity and organization by allowing clients to see how you detail the documentation for each project and gather testimonials for it. You can also showcase your creativity through the use of creative catchphrases or taglines and of course, beautiful web design!

It catches the eye without any effort


For a competitive field like web design, the ability to catch attention is essential for survival. You need to show off because it’s the only way to earn money. You need to make the client look at your work rather than anyone else’s. And what better way to do that than to compile everything you have done in sleek and professional-looking portfolio website!

You can get hired without saying anything

Less talk, few mistakes.

Portfolio websites give you the chance to prove that action speaks louder than words. It saves you from talking too much because you feed your clients with output rather than blabbers. Your clients would want to see for themselves what you have done, rather than hear you talk all day. Trust me on that.

Other potential clients can easily see you


This, I think, is the best card you can play with an online portfolio. It’s online. That means, a client may stumble on it anytime of the day. Putting up a portfolio website is like putting an ad that just stays there. With that, you are selling yourself without even trying to.

It will boost your chances of getting hired


A portfolio website will boost your chances of getting hired. Yes, it does. Giving your clients an overview of what you can do, what you have done and how much you charge will ease their process of selection. Businessmen love to work fast and if you help them do it, then, you are given plus points for that.


Truly, creation of portfolio websites is becoming more and more popular. That is why you, as a web designer and a worker of the Web, you should keep up. Again, as I said, you should show off what you have done because it’s the only way to get hired and get clients. I hope you can put up your portfolio now and let me see it.


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