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Twitter is a platform for thousands of designers to showcase their ideas and daily routines with each other. From designing projects to inspirational quotes and sharing personal life experiences, everything is tweeted. Being a web designer, you should know  who’s who on Twitter. There are so many experts available, but, hard to find. That said, here are 30 designers on Twitter you should definitely must follow.  Sample tweet is also attached.

Twitter plays a fantastic role in the web industry by making a unique bond between designers, bloggers, magazine-addicted people and everyone who is a part of the Web. It is very helpful for those designers that have started their career and are looking for advice and tips regarding HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript etc.

1. @Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo means “abducted” in Portuguese. This is a blog run by Fabio Sasso, who  is totally abducted by web and graphics designing.

The usual tweets:

  • About inspiration
  • About useful links from all over the designing world.
  • About different offers and valuable contents that are related to designing.


2. @AndrewKelsall

Andrew Kelsall

Andrew Kelsall is a genius web and graphics designer from England who creates unique logos and print designs. He also offers them through his website. Many designers follow him to get different logo ideas.

The usual tweets:

  • His tweets are mostly related to photography, inspiration, illustration and web designing, etc.


3. @Amerz

Amy Mattingly

Amy Mattingly is an English web designer who was a former freelancer, but, nowadays works at blubot, an e-Commerce agency.

The usual tweets:

  • Wireframe, design and code.
  • Inspiration from daily life and exciting web design examples with resources


4. @Khoi

Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh is the co-founder of He is a blogger and former design director at

The usual tweets:

  • Web designing
  • Interested topics related to WordPress and fonts
  • Inspiration and tips for new designers


5. @Atsmith

Adam Smith

Adam Smith is the founder of Advent Integrated. He is an award- winning web designer who is very passionate about the social media and typography.

The usual tweets:

  • New trends and stories from around the world, especially the ones focusing on typography and web designing.


6. @BazDeas


Baz Deas is a freelancer and UX designer who is passionate about creating unique, usable interfaces for web. He is also fond of photography. He very recently has started mountain biking.

The usual tweets:

  • Mostly about new design links and resources
  • About the daily life of web designers.


7. @Simplebits

Dan Cederholm

Simplebits is a creative studio run by Dan Cederholm. His work is focused towards CSS3 technology that web designers can use and how they can use it fully.

The usual tweets:

  • Mostly related to designing websites
  • Inspiration to other designers about using the right techniques.


8. @Bluewavemedia

Kimberly Beaven

Kimberly Beaven is a web designer and creative director at BlueWave Media.

The usual tweets:

  • Web designing
  • Inspiration ideas for newcomers so that they can dream big
  • She also tweets about social media on a regular basis to her followers.


9. @AisleOne


Antonio Carusone is a great graphic designer who is obsessed with the grid system. He is a senior product designer at GroupMe. He is a great source provider for graphic designers.

The usual tweets:

  • Inspirational posts for new web designer
  • Most are related to graphic designing, typography, grid system, minimalism and modernism.


10. @Cameronolivier

Cam Oliver

Cam Oliver is a web designer who is also a UX fanatic and techno-libertarian. He is very enthusiastic about modern web design.

The usual tweets:

  • Focused on different inspirational links regarding web design, development and demonstration from all over Twitter for the new designers.
  • Different quotes and guides.


11. @Bokardo

Joshua Porter

Joshua Porter is the director of UX at Hubspot. He is the founder of Bokardo Design, a design consultancy focusing on social web application.

The usual tweets:

  • Different designs, both in-market and upcoming as well as the social media and the Web
  • Inspirational posts on his Twitter page.


12. @Jophillips

Jon Philips

Jon Phillips is a fantastic web designer who is addicted to typography. His creative things are very popular on the internet. He is basically a UX, web and graphic designer.

The usual tweets:

  • Typography
  • Web design
  • Useful resources related to photograph, designing, etc.


13. @RussAdams

Russ Adams

Russ Adams is a web designer and a very good blogger.

The usual tweets:

  • Web design
  • Inspirational quotes about designing, photography and Photoshop techniques


14. @Joshsmithnyc

Josh Smith

Josh Smith is a graphic designer, writer and currently working at Inhabitant of New York City. His tweets are very useful for designers who are interested in brand designing.

The usual tweets:

  • Brand design
  • Graphic design
  • Different parties and exciting news around the Web for web designers


15. @Psahre


Paul Share is a graphic designer, illustrator, educator, and a lecturer.

The usual tweets:

  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Inspirational quotes for the designers to get new unique ideas



16. @Sethjenks

Seth Jenks

Seth Jenks is an entrepreneur and web designer. He is the CEO at Duskinteractive. His tweets are very useful for new designers.

The usual tweets:

  • Different tutorial and resources to various links on his Twitter page
  • New designing ideas.


17. @Simonashley


Simon Ashley is a web designer and a developer. He is also a solution expert, system architect, technologist, web entrepreneur and a hard fan of coffee.

The usual tweets:

  • Related to designing
  • Different personal interest activities on his Twitter page for upcoming designers.


18. @Arronlock

Arron Lock

Arron Lock is a food lover and an independent graphic designer. He is also a blogger.

The usual tweets:

  • Topics related to designing, especially done offline
  • Useful stuff about designing with context to graphics.


19. @Behoff

Brain Hoff

Brian Hoff is the founder of Brianhoffdesign. He is a graphic designer, artist and a blogger.

The usual tweets:

  • High quality design resources for the new designers and artist
  • Inspirational tweets about daily personal life as well as related to the designing.


20. @Thelogosmith

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a logo and graphic designer. Designers should follow him for new ideas.

The usual tweets:

  • Professional designs
  • Brand identities
  • Guidelines
  • Icons for software and apps
  • Expert advice for WordPress installation, theme customization and web hosting


21. @Dburka

Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka is a design partner at Google Ventures. He is also the co-founder of Milk Inc. and an ex-creative director at Digg. Designers can find plenty of design resources for web and other mediums through his Twitter page.

The usual tweets:

  • CSS
  • Designing
  • UX
  • Personal life experiences


22. @Flyosity

Mike Rundle

Mike Rundle is a creative designer and software engineer. Creating beautiful products for the web is one of his many skills. He is a consultant for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Designers can utilize his resources for their projects.

The usual tweets:

  • Animation
  • CSS3
  • Graphic designing


23. @Andybudd

Andy Budd

Andy Budd is a user experience designer and partner at Clearleft. He is very passionate about promoting the new talent in designers, which is why his most of the tweets are for them. He is always available for new designers who want to achieve their dreams.

The usual tweets:

  • Promotion of new talents


24. @Gracesmith

Grace Smith

Grace Smith is a freelancer who is attached to web and graphic designing. She is very fond of social media and web standards.

The usual tweets:

  • Mostly focused on the topics that are related with graphic designing and web development
  • Useful online tools and resources.


25. @Hicksdesign

Jon hicks

Jon Hicks is a creative designer for web sites, user interface, branding and icons. He also designs for prints.

The usual tweets:

  • Topics related to publishing, designing
  • Plenty of inspirational links and resources for the designers
  • Different daily routine design works.


26. @Jcroft

Jeff Croft

Jeff Croft is a product designer who works in Seattle. He is a co-founder of Lendle and author of two books on the web.

The usual tweets:

  • Related to web designing including HTML, and CSS3
  • Inspirational resources that are very helpful for the web designers.


27. @Feather

Derek Featherrstone

Derek Featherstone is a web designer. He is a world-known speaker and web developer. He is also the member of Simply Accessible Inc. Designers who are starting professional career can find his tweets very useful.

The usual tweets:

  • About consultation regarding organizations, institutions, public utilities and government agencies, etc.


28. @Elliotjaystocks

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks is a creative director of Adobe Typekit. He is also the founder of 8faces and the co-founder of viewportind. He is a designer, speaker and author.

The usual tweets:

  • Topics related to responsive web typography
  • Designing
  • Music


29. @Jessicawalsh

Jessica Walsh

Jessicawalsh is a designer and art director, partner at NYC design studio. She is an award winning designer. She is a very lively person. She is always available for consultation to new designers on her Twitter handle. Designers can follow her as a role model to achieve their dreams.

The usual tweets:

  • Print
  • Design
  • Graphic


30. @SkinnyShips


Richard Perez is a designer, illustrator and the captain of Skinny Ships.  He has worked with many big brands on the web. New designers should follow him in order to have the latest ideas about designing.

The usual tweets:

  • Mostly focused on freelance graphic designing, illustration, lettering and typography.


You can surely keep up with the latest trend in designing by following these designers. You can also let us know who your favorite designer is and who else you follow on the twitter, so that advice seeking designers can be assisted.


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