Cherry on Top: Cherry Framework Review


WordPress theme frameworks are overwhelmingly available and famous nowadays because most designers find them easy to use, functional yet fully customizable. Using child themes that are supported by the parent framework, ‘personalized’ themes have become more attainable. There is a new framework in town- the Cherry Framework. This article is basically a Cherry Framework review.

Now, most theme frameworks come in premium versions, meaning, you have to pay some bucks just to get your WordPress site personalized. However, the spending doesn’t end there. After buying your framework, you would still be troubled by the child themes that you are going to install. Most of these child themes are not free.

TemplateMonster unleashed a new product called Cherry Framework, a theme framework that would suit all your personalization needs. Th best part of this particular framework is it is free, along with some child themes!



One of the awesome things about Cherry is that it boasts A-1 features:

  • Automatic updates
  • Great framework-to-child theme relationship
  • Data management that allows you to backup and restore your framework and its children themes
  • Bootstrap-based
  • It’s freakin’ free

Options You Need To Know


After installation, the framework options are available to customize through the ‘Cherry Options’ link that is now present in your dashboard sidebar. This menu will further be divided into sub-menus.

For example, in one sub-menu you can see in the image above, you can easily change the background color, link colors and appearances, fonts. You can also key-in your custom CSS. Aside from that, navigation elements, effects and sliders can also be edited in this menu, thus, making your site a little bit more personalized.

Data Management


Sometimes, as you tinker with the theme, you can’t avoid those circumstances where you delete some lines and screw up the whole layout. And just in case you did that, this sub-menu is here to save the day. Using this option, you will be able to create backups and restore them in the future.



What makes Cherry Framework great is that it includes some basic SEO options in a separate submenu. This submenu will relate to the indexing of the files and plugins. You can also change the settings on the sitemap XML and learn how to generate it.

Ease of Use?


  • Cherry Framework is very easy to use
  • Options very clearly defined and described


  • Cherry Framework’s Slideshow feature is challenging especially for blogging beginners

Over-all, Cherry Framework is the literally a cherry on top of the blogging ice-cream.


  •  Can be used by a wide variety of niches for a wide variety of purpose
  • Has an easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Provides a great responsive mobile version

As per functionality, Cherry Framework reeks with greatness. It caters universally. Bloggers can find this framework very useful. Artists who want a portfolio website and blog will find it amazing too. Web visitors will find its interface easy to navigate. Mobile users will be assured of a browsing experience like no other. Being responsive to any interface, Cherry is a pretty rad tool.



  • Has built-in SEO
  • Has a unique design customization that makes no two or more websites are alike

If reliability is what you are looking for, you might want this framework. With a built-in SEO, you’ll want it in your website. Nothing really compares at how you can be able to maximize all the possibilities of web services. It becomes very beneficial for the blogger or website owner because he can tinker all the options and still come up with a totally unique design.

How is it Different From Other Frameworks?

  • Bloggers will find it easy to use
  • Developers will find it very efficient because it will lessen a lot of programming works.

Well, as a blogger, I would be honest that it is quite different from the other frameworks that I used before because it deals with universality. Cherry Framework does it all and caters to all.

Is it recommended?

I highly recommend this one for website owners who want to be hands-on with everything that is going on with their website but is too occupied or has less budget to hire a designer. You have everything you need in your plate. You just need to chew them.


With the rise of premium theme frameworks out there, it can be difficult to choose which is the best. Of course, you don’t want to spend money on things that would not work out. That is why, it is still good to know that there are free theme frameworks out there for our use. And, you know which theme framework is on top? Well, in this case and in all possible situations, Cherry!


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