11 Minimalist Office Setups


Less is more

This quote is becoming more sensible, especially for designers who have adapted the minimalist design approach. Over the years, minimalism, or the act of putting away irrelevant things to make space for the relevant ones, has become a regular part of every modern design principle. As web designers, we too, practice the same maxim. In fact, we even want to make this philosophy for living our lives. We strive to achieve such state that we even want our office setups or work space to reflect what we believe in.

For one, having a minimalist design in your office setup has its advantages:

  • It makes us focus more on ‘work’ than goofing around
  • It lessens the distraction and makes you think that you have fewer tasks to accomplish
  • It is beautiful to the eyes
  • You can actually make a small room bigger

That is why, we collected some minimalist office setups for you to get inspiration from. Here are they:

Black Egg Chair and Modern Computer Desk


This simple set up is a space saver! With only three kinds of furniture- the white wooden desk, black egg chair and small but sleek looking white-painted wooden side table perfectly that matches any room painted with any color. Great for people who want sophistication in their set-ups.

Brown Wooden Chair and Table


Sturdy and sleek are these brown wooden table, chair and desk. For people who like vintage and modern tweeners, this set up is perfect. It provides the vintage look of brown painted wood and the modernity of a sleek but strong make up.

Floating Wooden Shelf and Desk, White Egg Chair


Floating furniture will always be cool. This floating wooden desk and shelf set-up saves a lot of space and gives a lot of leg room. No more painful outbursts when you accidental hit your knee with the table’s legs! Yay!

Natural Barn Wood Laptop Desk


Speaking of space-saving, this fold-able wooden laptop stand is probably the best candidate. It can be folded and unfolded upon use and doesn’t really take up much space. But worry not, style is still reeking out of this one!

Compact Home Office


If you want some isolation, try installing glass doors and walls on your office set up. Save yourself from the noise and distraction of the outside world without sacrificing the view you want. Plus, this makes a stylish combination with white furniture which made the set up more elegant!

Brown Desk with Foamed Wooden Chair


This is a classic set up. A wooden desk and a comfortable chair. Oh wait, this is more space saving as it does away with a lot of cabinets and drawers!

Long Wooden Desk


If you think your workspace isn’t enough, contact your interior designer and make him do this set up. Totally stylish with using wood elements and a modern swivel chair, you won’t run out of space, again.

White Round-edged Desktop and Black Swivel Chair Set-up


This is a personal favorite. Combining the stylishness of white and the vintage look of brown, this desk that will surely make anything you put on top of it clean-looking. Perfect for iMac users who just love a lot of free space, this is a must-try!


This genius design saves space too! Using a divider as the desk, it saves up those corners you don’t use and transforms them into the place where you do all the magic. Work as if you are isolated from the room and not seeing anything across it.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman


Another great use of white in design. This is perfect for small bedroom set-ups and for people who want to have a nice desk and a cool chair. White is might after all.

Trendy Closet Desk


And finally, you now know what’s it like to come out of the closet. Why? Well, because you work in one. Save a lot of space by transforming your closet into an office setup. Install a computer and some books and voila! You have a space saver work space that you can hide or show anytime you want!


Either you work from home or want to set up an office, minimalism is always something designers will recommend. Not only that it will help you get focused but it will also save you a lot of space while working so that you could place something useful in your flat or room. So, better save up for new equipment and new paint and let’s see how your offices will be.

Take a picture of your home office set up and let’s compare 🙂


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