Community Contest: Design an identity for Rio’s 450th Anniversary!


Rio de Janiero has captured the world’s imagination for years — never more so than these last months before it will host the World Cup in 2014, and the Olympics in 2016.

In what seems like impeccable timing, the city is also going to be celebrating its 450th anniversary in 2015, and Rio de Janiero’s mayor has launched a contest to create an identity for the occasion. It’s going to be revealed on April 29th, but the contest was only open to registered companies rather than individuals.

And while we’re SO excited to see what the official logo is, we thought the 99designs community would want to explore some of its own ideas! We’ve created a Community Contest to allow our designers to try their hand out at the identity.

Enter your design into the contest now!


Blue Hour in Rio de Janiero, by Justin Vidamo

image by Justin Vidamo

“This celebration is for the locals, for the city. From the city to the city. (…) A brand to celebrate the existence and persistence of a land between the sea and the mountain that enchants the world.”

The Challenge

To create a logo that is simple and incorporates all of the local enthusiasm and pride for the city. Help represent the exciting current moment happening in the city, but without forgetting its long past. But most importantly, the logo should be easily reproduced and used in different branding contexts!


The main inspiration for the Rio450 brand is the ‘carioca’ — people who were born in or live in Rio. They were able to transform their city from a tropical wetland into a thriving metropolis surrounded by and celebrating beautiful mountains and forests. Local customs and trends still define the national culture, and

“Rio is a place to live, create, suffer, celebrate and love, which is the ground and inspiration that is able to influence the world.”

50 years ago, the 4th centenary of Rio de Janiero was marked by radical transformation of infrastructure, art, and city events. Their celebration is a benchmark for the new project! The 400th anniversary logo was chosen through a contest sponsored by the Tourism Department, and it presents the local’s daily lives — reproduced on sidewalks, watches, cleaning products, souvenirs, you name it! It has become omnipresent, going far beyond official documents into the streets.

And now, we want to build on that success. To be inspired by the variety that make the city so unique: central and peripheral, joy and melancholy, rich and popular, tradition and innovation.

Enter your take on Rio’s 450th Anniversary logo now!

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