10³x.01 nerd-tastic designs


Calling all nerds! It’s common knowledge that nerds rule, and by transitivity, designs that incorporate nerds also rule.

The brilliance of nerdy designs lies in the fact that they convey a sense of approachability and expert knowledge. So without further ado, lets talk nerdy.


Nerd Auction logo by CrankyBear


Glasses, check. Pocket protector, check. Handsome smile, check. Good use of clean bold lines and complementary colors… double check.

Story Nerds logo by danielwatson


Clever, funny and simple. This 4-eyed design and bookish typeface are a match made in cinematic heaven.

Web design by diamond_webdesign


Everything from the clean grid layout to the contemporary mix of typography help to create a user-friendly site that makes the process of PSD to HTML as easy as 1-2-3. (And major kudos to the designer for properly declaring stock!)

Words from Nerds logo by Hazel Anne

Hazel Anne

The mark of a good logo design is that it can be seamlessly applied to many different media. Word on the street is that this bold and colorful design is getting all the top marks.

Logo design by logorillaz


The thick rimmed glasses and tousled hair help to frame the huge glossy eyes of this optic nerd.

Nerd on Wheels logo by Mind•of•Mine


Not only is this poindexter smart but he’s also speedy. The mix of bold and sharp lines create movement that helps to reinforce a sense of expertise and efficiency.

Nerdy Trades logo by pixd


Financial investments and futures trading can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be with this cool, calm and collected financial wiz.

The Nerdy Bomb logo by Sonia Lee

Sonia Lee

What happens when too much nerdy goodness is gathered into one place? You get a nerdy bomb and some neon of course. The lines and shapes create movement and excitement giving new meaning to the big bang theory.

Star Wars/Star Trek Comparison by strengthinpixels


A nerdy roundup wouldn’t be the same without a heated nerdy debate. The graphic icons and neutral typeface organize all ­facts in an orderly and engaging layout. Star Trek or Star Wars, you decide.

Star Trek Uniform Infographic by TodorKolevDesign


The hierarchical layout, detailed illustrations and color codes boldly go where no infographic has gone before.

Which nerdy design do you like to geek out to?

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