23 real estate logos that aren’t totally lame



This stock real estate logo on sale at Shutterstock.com looks all too familiar

Have you ever seen a house like this before? Of course you have — not in reality but in logo design. The world of real estate logos is littered with such sloping roofs and square windows, suspended in abstract space or agglomerated onto one another in physically baffling clusters. They’re ubiquitous, they’re boring and they make for an awfully generic brand mark.

Let’s be real about this. Many designers, in a moment of failing inspiration, have fallen back on such a generic concept. It happens. But that’s no excuse to settle. Clever and unique real estate designs are possible, and you owe it to your client and yourself to aim high. Check out these 23 awesome and unusual real estate logos for inspiration. Follow suit, and you’re sure to stand out from the pack.


In a creative rut? Looking to company initials is often smart, as letterforms can open up a number of interesting possibilities. Of course, don’t just stop at the initials themselves; use them in a novel or unexpected way! Check these out:

real estate16

By eman 

real estate17

By kennybarela

real estate2

By Kris Todd

real estate4

Northridge Homes

real estate7

By Manos Kalaitzoglou 

real estate27

By Graham Smith

Sense of place

Most real estate firms basically do the same thing; this much cannot be denied. So when you’re searching for a unique visual tag, consider the company’s geographic location or local culture. This will often produce the iconic substance you’re looking for. For instance:

real estate10

By Logomotive 

real estate11

By truenorthe

real estate12

Arizona Homes Real Estate

real estate13

Riverside Realty 

real estate14

Old West Real Estate  

real estate15

By EBrown

Just be different

Easier said than done but sieze the moment when inspiration strikes. The important thing is not to get bogged down in the sea of bland, abstract houses, as this will ruin your perspective for sure. Instead, take a look at these Real Estate logos, which insist on maintaining a unique sense of character:

real estate1

By grigoriou

real estate3

By richardbaird 

real estate5

By nineteen eighty-one 

real estate6

Global Real Estate 

real estate9

By Oxide

real estate8

By Deividas Bielskis

real estate21

By Mapack

real estate18

By michiel

real estate22

By LoomyBear 

real estate20

Excalibur Real Estate

real estate24

By Carlos Fernandez 

Have you seen unique real estate logos lately?

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