Designers, show us your workspace!


You can tell a lot about a person by his or her workspace. They say “clean desk, clean mind,” but surveying the heaps of used coffee cups and magazines strewn about our office, we’d like to think it’s a little more complicated than that.

We see all the amazing work our community produces, and now we’re keen to go behind the scenes. Show us where the magic happens! Whether it’s a commercial office, home office, internet cafe or Starbucks, we want to see where you get your designing done.

Send your workspace photos here!

We’ll post the collection next week and, hey, maybe we’ll even throw some of our own into the mix. For now, take inspiration from this collection of sleek minimalist spaces, ultra hi-tech oases, and absolute disasters.

LOOP‘s design space embraces lo-fi in the form of chalkboard

This web designer’s space, meanwhile, is serious about screen real estate

Yummygum’s head office in Amsterdam is the monotone zone — ever so slightly on the type-A side of the spectrum?

A desk at design firm Invisible Creature, on the other hand, is crammed with visual inspiration

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld prizes his home library. That’s a lot of magazines.

Drew Wright’s graphic design space is considerably less bookish

Apparently things tend to pile up in former vice president Al Gore’s home office

Steve Jobs says of his 1982 home, “all you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo.” Typically zen.

Tina Fey, post-its and the boss.


Not pink

Down to earth

Really down to earth

Serene and all, but could use a heap of cigarette ash, some empty Red Bull cans and perhaps a water bottle full of urine…

That’s the ticket

Backyard office — cute, but where’s the beer?

Ah, that’s more like it

Our workspaces fall somewhere between these extremes, and we’re guessing (hoping) yours do too. Let’s have a look! Share where you work — submit your photos here!

Just to make things a little more interesting, we’ll even throw a few t-shirts into the mix: one for the sweetest workspace (you can tell us why you think so) and one for the biggest… fixer-upper.

What do you think makes for a good graphic design workspace?

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