The work of Okky Fachrudin a.k.a ketjil


Name: Okky Fachrudin a.k.a ketjil
portfolio :
job: freelance illustrator
Location : Yogyakarta – indonesia
mail : [email protected]

Okky Fachrudin is a graphic designer, now he is trying to learn illustration, what attract him to start learn illustration are the environment with his friend, most of his friend is illustrator.
Some of his illustration is more to portrait and fashion. He always open for collaboration art. The last work for client was “the melting pot” clothing line from Jakarta – Indonesia.

The Village of Dream – “the Melting Pot”

 Bunga Desa
Blush (collaboration with Eno)
 Alter Ego (collaboration with Indra Nugroho)


The work of Okky Fachrudin a.k.a ketjil | manda | 4.5
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