Most-liked design from Cardboards illustration contest


We asked designers to “like” their favorite designs from Cardboards illustration contest and after tallying the votes, the most-liked design is…

… drum roll please…

DorarpolHendra’s eye-catching kiteboard design!


Design by DorarpolHendra

Here’s why 99designers love it

“I really like the black and green — it’s very COOL! The tribal flames are so appealing, it’s simple in color and the diagonal lines on the back compliment the tribal design. It’s a similar feeling when I look at MONSTER’s energy drink logo. AWESOME.”

– Edmund Mamuyac / Monjy

“This design organically flows with the board.”

– Nenad Petrović / Afterego

“I like green toxic and this designer created the illustration of the tribal fire with a great execution. it’s awesome! :)”

– Yesaya Bunawan / Pac3

Let’s not forget the runners up


Design by 10works

“A simple graphic with magnificent impact!”

– Ahmad Faiz Fadli / Charcoal Eater


Design by DorarpolHendra

“I love the color combinations — a very eye catching design.”

– Remar Pablo / Remar


Design by aditya

“First of all, the idea of implementing watermelon onto the board seemed very original and simple at the same time. The color combination looks really fresh and smooth.”


Thanks to everyone who participated — we loved hearing  from you! Check out these designs and more on the “Liked” Designs at 99 Pinterest board and stay tuned for the next Like Challenge.

What do you think of the most-liked designs?

Most-liked design from Cardboards illustration contest | manda | 4.5
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