Artistic Hand-Drawn Websites for Your Inspiration

Inspiration is an unlimited power and it is a never-ending process, this is especially true for anyone involved in the arts. With the right inspiration, you truly can accomplish anything. Here, we will showcase some very beautiful hand-drawn websites for your inspiration. Hand-drawn sketches are always in demand because of their magnificence and visual appeal. Here you will find 40 excellently hand-drawn websites that will simply surprise you.

Hand-drawn images in website designs is, and has been, a trend over the last couple of years. Reason being the creative and personal touch of hand-drawn images that not only enthuse the onlookers but will also a visual appeal to the overall design.

Browse through our collection and get inspired!

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1. Bootb Creatividad

With hand-drawn doodles and beautifully drawn elements, this website definitely earns its place in today’s collection.

handdrawnwebsites26 interfaces inspiration

2. Maluquinha Festas

This website is based on a hand-drawn theme and features a very elegantly designed header and footer.

Maluquinha Festas

3. Think Brownstone

Hand-drawn elements in this website give the impression of a sketch which is the best way to express the process of thinking.

Think brownstone

4. Zenzero

The website’s hand-drawn illustration in the background is simply marvelous.


5. Our Wildlife Garden

This is one of the best examples of websites using hand-drawn elements in their design. The whole website is made up of different hand-drawn elements giving it a childlike feel.

Our Wildlife Garden

6. Snailbird

Apart from an appealing color theme, the website also owns some truly amazing hand-drawn elements that add beauty.


7. Sarahhyland

The only hand-drawn elements used in this website are those that are present at the top navigation.


8. Buymeasoda

Emphasis is given to the proper use of hand-drawn elements even though there are not many of them, they appeal to the audience with their simplicity.


9. Redemptionmaddie

Simple and minimal website design with some cool hand-drawn elements placed at the side navigation bar.


10. Foto Marcol Art

Good use of hand-drawn elements in this website can be seen, right from the header to the footer.

Foto marcol art

11. Racket

Creativity at its best. Simple but effective use of hand-drawn elements. The header is well occupied with a hand-drawn menu.


12. Clever Craft

Clever Craft uses hand-drawn elements for the top navigation and footer as well as throughout the rest of the site.

Clever Craft

13. Paper Beats Internet

The website employs extensive use of different hand-drawn elements which sometimes give it a somewhat messy look but definitely comes across as creative.

Paper beats internet

14. Candc Coffee

Not too many design elements rather just the hand-drawn web elements. The main idea is to keep the design as simple as possible while keeping the appeal intact.

Candc Coffee

15. Teresawalsh

The website makes use of creative and beautiful hand-drawn elements in the header that grabs the attention at the first glance.


16. Eldodo

A very beautiful hand-drawn doodle is present in the header with beautiful illustrations that is followed by the website layout. The side bar also brings some hand-drawn elements into play.


17. Ygrin

You would not find too many of the hand-drawn elements in this website design, however even the minimal use of hand-drawn elements prove its worth.


18. Made by Mike

The website uses creative hand-drawn elements for its different sections without making the web design too messy or childish.

Made by Mike

19. Le Carnet Ordinaire

With some fascinating hand-drawn doodles, this website effectively creates a long lasting impression. The top navigation menu sets itself apart from other navigation menus with the creative approach it is designed with.

Le Carnet Ordinaire

20. Twodesigners

The only hand-drawn element used in this web design is the doodle of the two designers.


21. MS U Pejska a Kocicky

This web design is creative, interesting and lively, mainly because of the background doodles.

MS U pejska a kocicky

22. Design Portfolio

This is not the pure hand-drawn website rather makes use of only few huge illustrations.

Design Portfolio

23. Studio Img. Not Conventional Style

Studio Img has got an exceptional style which is quite tempting and unique in its own way. The header has got a visually alluring illustration.

Studio Img. Not Conventional Style

24. Esteban Munoz

A simple hand-drawn illustration at the bottom of the page.

Esteban Munoz

41. Mobious

Great use of hand-drawn elements with a background effect that is quite unusual and gives the web design a more dynamic feel.


26. Kevadamson Design

The creative illustration and hand-drawn doodles found on this website are truly eye-catching from the rest of the collection. An extensive use of hand-drawn elements can be seen here.

Kevadamson Design

27. Hugsformonsters

Original and unusual hand-drawn elements that make it different from the other websites.


28. Sketch Odopod

Here you will find loads of sketches that are all hand-drawn. You can create your own sketches on this website as well.


29. Great-Design

This is another beautiful example of hand-drawn elements that features some very appealing and astonishingly beautiful hand-drawn elements.


30. Oink

The main attraction in this website is the side navigation bar with excellent hand-drawn element bringing this whole web design to life.


31. Biola

This website makes use of somewhat unconventional hand-drawn elements which is the key point of this design.


32. Pixelmind

Pixelmind is one of those few websites that have implemented hand draw elements quite effectively and successfully in their website layout without making them look odd.


33. Deborahcavenaugh

Hand-drawn elements bring this web design to the life.


34. Coo Coo Core

In this website design, the elements that grab the attention of the visitors are their hand-drawn elements that give the whole web design a very catchy look.

Coo Coo Core

35. Kutztown

Simple, sophisticated and decent are the words to define this web design. The use of water color effects and hand-drawn elements are kept reasonably suitable and thus stand apart in the whole web design.


36. Tfreak

Different shades of colors are used here to add a feeling of liveliness and energy while the use of hand-drawn elements is quite minimal.


37. Robbin Waldemar

In this web design, hand-drawn elements are used quite creatively with big and bold typography.

Robbin waldemar

38. Personal Portfolio

This website features funky illustrations.

Personal Portfolio

39. Studio Design

The creativity of the designer is demonstrated in this design. You can see how beautifully the designer has placed a hand-drawn drawing that is grabbing and appealing.

Studio Design

40. Christian Sparrow

Here the use of cool earth tones and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations are the main things in this web design.

Christian Sparrow

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