50 Stunning Examples of Infrared Photography for Your Inspiration


Infrared photography can generate some truly awesome and splendid photographs. Infrared photography does not vary extensively from normal photography. The only difference in infrared photography is that the image sensor is sensitive to infrared light which lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, infrared light sensors allow the camera to catch any light which is not visible to human eye.

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What is infrared photography?

Basically, infrared photography or IR photography refers to capturing images in infrared light. This is done with the help of special apparatus. There are different methods to capture IR photos. Since you need special cameras to capture IR photos, you can either buy a special digital camera which is somewhat sensitive to IR waves or convert your normal camera in order to capture infrared light.

Some special film cameras with infrared film are also available. Such films are extremely expensive, and require special handling. However, if you buy these films, you will not have to modify your camera. You can also purchase IR filters that will filter out the visible light and will only leave IR light. By using IR filters, you will drastically reduce the waves that hit the camera’s sensor. In this way, IR filter increases the exposure times.

Infrared Filters

An infrared filter can be defined as a filter that captures infrared light by filtering out the visible light. Infrared light is not normally visible to human eyes; however, pictures captured in infrared light have an amazing look. Such filters block most of the visible light and only let infrared light to pass through. You may need to use a tripod and turn up the exposure because of the amount of light coming through the filter.

Below, we have mentioned some IR filters that we would recommend:

1. Hoya 58mm RM-72 Infrared Filter
2. Opteka HD² 58mm R72 720nm Infrared X-Ray IR Filter
3. Leica E39 UVa/IR Filter, black
4. NEEWER® 58MM – IR720 Infrared Filter
5. Hoya 67mm RM-72 Infrared Filter

We hope that this showcase of infrared photography will surely inspire you.

1. Wallaman Falls IR

infraredphotos80 photography inspiration inspiration

2. Casa Loma

Casa loma - ir

3. Merang, Setiu, Malaysia


4. Horses Infrared

Horses infrared

5. San Isidro

San Isidro

6. Angry Mood

Angry mood - infrared

7. Crazy Car

Crazy car

8. Cavagna Ottavio

Cavagna Ottavio

9. Spring Wolni Infrared

Spring Wolni infrared...

10. Esplanade


11. Fort Uitermeer, Silent Under Construction

Fort Uitermeer, silent under construction, infrared

12. Tropical Garden Infrared

Tropical Garden infrared...

13. Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris Park

14. Golden Waterfall

Golden waterfall

15. Ice Age 4 Premiere in Amsterdam

Ice Age 4 premiere in Amsterdam

16. Polar Bears Could e Here?

Polar bears could be here?

17. Rugeley, Staffordshire

Rugeley, Staffordshire

18. Laguna de Plata Infrared

Laguna de Plata Infrared 005

19. Botanical Gardens

iNfraRed - bOtanical gardens 1

20. Chinatown

InfraRed series – cHinatOwn 3

21. Circular Trellis Infrared HDR

Circular Trellis Infrared HDR

22. Jbm IR D60 080719


23. Infrared Dream

Infrared Dream

24. Infrared Train Track

Infrared Train Track

25. Infrared Jonh Deere Harvester

Infrared Jonh Deere Harvester

26. Moon Gate Infrared

Moon Gate infrared...

27. Country Road II Infrared

Country Road II infrared...

28. Pink Tree Blue Earth Infrared

Pink Tree Blue Earth infrared

29. Infrared Addict

Infrared addict

30. Infrared Addict

Infrared addict

31. Red Tree Infrared

Red Tree infrared

32. Infrared Shot

Infrared shot - practice 2

33. Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

34. Infrared city

Infrared city

35. Infrared Friesian

Infrared Friesian

36. Infrared LI

Infrared LI

37. Futog


38. Fine if We Don’t, Fined if We Do


39. Urban Ghost Trees Redux

Urban Ghost Trees Redux

40. Cheungchau


41. My Rinjani Dream (Infrared)

My Rinjani Dream (Infrared)

42. Infrared Wreck

Infrared Wreck

43. Infrared


44. Garden – Infrared

Garden - Infrared

45. Cinta Fitri

Cinta fitri #2

46. Infrared House

Infrared House

47. Infrared beneath the trees

Infrared beneath the trees

48. Infrared on LSD

Infrared on LSD

49. Infrared Spaceship

Infrared Spaceship

50. Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

What do you think of these images? Let us know in comments.

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