25 Sets Of Clean Icons For Perfect Minimal Web Design


Trends come and go, minimalism stays. Icons bring designs and interfaces alive, they engage people and help them interact. Minimal, glyph-type icons are still the most used ones around. Simplicity of them is also their advantage. In this roundup we have prepared 26 clean and minimal icon designs to brighten up your designs. All of the sets are fresh (except for one, couple of weeks till 2012, sorry), there are also some premium (really stunning) sets included. Be sure to check licenses before using any of them.

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1. Premium Pixels Icon Set

pixel free minimal clean icons icons freebies freebies

The icon set contains 58 pixel-perfect icons which you are free to use in personal and commercial projects. The download includes the PSD, the CSH file for the shapes, and PNGs.

2. Pixicus Icon Set


A set of 106 pixel perfect icons by Fabio Basile (@fffabs).

3. Soft Media Icons Set Vol 2


A set of 32 icons in 32x32px with subtle and useful icons including e-commerce icons such as shopping basket, price tag, delivery box and more.

4. Glyphicons


GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation. You get 400 small PNGs for free.

5. Clean Icon Set


A set of 20 clean action icons at 32px x 32px in size and in PNG format, the original PSD is also included. Free for personal and commercial use.

6. MimiGlyphs


Hand crafted, infinitely scalable icons for user interface designers. 80 icons, 16 by 16px. Photoshop file, CSH file PNG. Free for personal and commercial use.

7. Micro Icon Set


A set of 110 icons at 16x16px. Vector and fully scalable. A backlink is required if you use them.

8. Glyph UI Icon Set


Hand crafted set of 48 icons at 16x16px. PNG, PSD, CSH (custom vector shape). A backlink is required if you use them.

9. Minicons.


A set of 30 minimal icons at 16x16px. You can also purchase the full version with 110 icons at GraphicRiver.

10. Broccolidryiconsaniconset


A set of 108 at 32x32px. Comes as PSD.

11. Geomicons


A set of 32 icons. .EPS Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

12. Tinycons


A free preview of 310 carefully crafted interface icons. Unfortunately the checkout process is quite time-consuming and you’ll have to leave your email at yet another website. But you can purchase the full set here which will be more useful.

13. Delicious Berries


Delicious Berries Icons is a premium icon set containing 560 vector Photoshop shapes, perfect for apps or projects of any kind. You can download a preview of 50 icons for free.

14. 350 Pixel Perfect Icons


A set of 350 pixel perfect glyphs icons, perfect for apps, websites or just about anything you can think of. You may use this icon set for both personal and commercial use, which means this resource can be used in any project without worrying about licensing.

15. Freecns


A set of 218 UI icons (16px) for free download.

16. pixiconz


A set of 285 hand drawn 12/12 pixel icons for designers, in a single PSD file. A pack of 33 icons can be downloaded for free.

17. Pixeds


Set of 209 perfect pixel icons made in16x16 for your projects in a single .psd file. The free pack includes only 20 icons but the price is just too good to not to buy the full set.

18. Jigsoar icons


A free, creative commons licensed custom designed icon set with 60 vector shapes, perfect for the web.

19. Impressionist UI


Impressionist is a kit of UI design elements. It also includes an icon set designed by Sergey Shmidt. You can find all icons in the paid version.

20. Pace Social Icon Set


24 social icons in JPG, PNG PSD format. 21.

21. Vector Icon Set


A set of 35 crisp minimal vector icons.

22. Northwood Icons (premium – $9)


The set includes 150 icons (vector shapes) available in formats .csh and .psd.

23. Aircons (premium – $9)


241 icons glyphs in PNG and PDF – 16×16 px. A CSH to import the vector shapes to Photoshop.

24. 70+ Simple CSS3 Icons (premium – $6)


This is a very high quality icon set made that can be used anywhere and for any purpose. These icons are not limited for a particular use and hence, you can combine the techniques used here to create new icons or use these techniques in your designs in any way.

25. Metro Vector Icons (premium – $4)


This awesome set of vector icons contains 28 different elements, in the style of the Windows 7 “Metro” interface. They’re bold and simple, with plenty of impact. The icons are provided as an Ai EPS file, and are fully editable vectors.

26. Free Mini Vector App Icons


A collection of 150 pixel-perfect, mini vector icons. Each one has been optimized for display at sizes as small as 16 x 16 pixels, and they are all infinitely scalable for larger sizes. Multiple formats are included for easy customization, including PSD, EPS, AI, and the original Fireworks source file.

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