Texture in web design


When texture is used in web designs, viewers tend to stay on the site longer. Why? Because texture enhances the user’s experience by creating depth and making content easier to read. Homemade web designs, which utilizes texture as one of its visually pleasing elements, has been a trend for quite some time. You can read more about web design trends in our recent article, 6 web design trends that are here to stay.

Want to incorporate texture into your next design? Here are some awesome web site inspiration and texture resources that we recently shared via twitter@99designs.

30 inspiring examples of textures in web design

30 inspiring web design examples

50 fresh and free texture packs to spice up your designs

50 textures

Form and function: websites that combine beauty with usability


Metal textures

metal textures

10 highly interactive, beautifully illustrated web designs

10 illustrated web designs

6 free high resolution plastic wrap textures

wrap texture

35 navigation menus for your design inspiration

35 navigation menus

40 amazing and free texture sets

40 textures

20 inspiring examples of textures in web design


Textures in web design: examples and best practices


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