Google+ Icon Set – Freebie from 1WD

We have prepared a little gift for our loyal readers: Google+ Icon Set just for you! Download the PSD file now and learn how those popular G+ icons are created. This isn’t original work, just we are so  big fans of Google+ that we wanted to recreate this icon set! Mainly it is created you to check that PSD and see how such simple icons are created and maybe come up with something better than they did on Google! Enjoy!

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1WD’s Google+ Icon Set – Freebie!

Google+ Icon Set

This icon set is masterfully crafted by Michael John Burns, a very good web designer and a great tutorial writer.

Download it now and don’t forget to spread the word!

Download Here!

PSD to HTML tutorials

Note that the PSD and the source files are FREE to download!



Next Freebie

You decide! Tell us what you think about this freebie and what do you want to have next, and we’ll try our best to provide it!

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