50 Fresh and Creative Business Card Designs


Are you looking for some inspiration to design a beautiful business card then you are at the right place. Here we are showcasing some creative business card designs for your inspiration. Although there are loads of business card samples uploaded on the net, it is quite difficult to find the creative ones that appeal to you. Business cards are necessary no matter what business you are in. Business cards let you promote yourself in your professional circle. In this round up, you will discover some fresh and innovative ideas for business card designs. We hope that these designs will help you in establishing a professional image. Check this out and pick one! Do let us know what you feel about this round up.

50 Fresh and Creative Business Card Designs: 2012 Edition

1. Darlene Cards

Darlene Cards

2. Dolcissimo

3. Bushra Mahmood.com

4. USB Business Card

5. Business Card

6. Round Letterpress Business Cards

7. GFC

8. Exit…Stage Left Studios

9. Electronic Business Card

10. Frizitka – Business Card For Hairdresser

Frizitka - Business card for hairdresser

11. Suite Erotic shop

Suite. Erotic shop

12. Business Card

Business Card

13. Pop Grub

Pop Grub

14. Design shop oooo.com.ua

Design shop oooo.com.ua

15. Corporate Business Card

Corporate business card set 2

16. Cocotte


17. The Darling Room

The darlling room

18. Chet’s BBQ ID and Business Card

Chet's BBQ ID and business card

19. Black Diamond Business Card

Black Diamond Business Card

20. Old Portfolio Good Times

Old Portfolio Good Times

21. DDQ Design Business Card

DDQ Design Business Card

22. MindWarp Business Cards

MindWarp Business Cards

23. (e)Studios AQUA’s business Card

(e)Studios AQUA’s business Card

24. Veel Beter Business Card


25. Hairdresser’s business card

26. Cartao Bigode

27. Social Media Advocate

28. IS Creative Studio business cards

29. Clear Plastic Business Cards Mandelli Mandelli

30. Daguerreotype Business Card

31. Yardeni Research, Inc.

32. Business Card

33. Key Business Card

34. The Gamut Cards

35. Laptop Business Card

36. BBOY Science

37. Gray Matter Productions

38. Silk Die-Cut Business Card

39. Per Micael Nyberg Game Design

40. Generation Green Business Card

41. Metal Business Card

42. Zaha Hadid Architects Business Card

43. Zervas Business Card

44. New Zealand All Blacks

45. Paris By Night Restaurant

46. Armada Vision Business Cards

47. Letterpress Director Business Cards

48. Personal Business Cards

49. Magic Carpet Productions Business Card

50. On Demand Business Cards


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