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At the moment, we are presenting some excellent examples of effective pricing pages that not only perform their job well, but also add a visual appeal to the overall web design. With the help of an appealing pricing page, you can certainly increase your sales to a greater extent. A pricing page is the first thing that your visitors or potential customers check when they want to sign up for your service. Therefore, the pricing page design along with the way it is displayed can have loads of determining factors on whether those interested visitors sign up or not.

40 Creative Examples of Pricing Page Design for Your Inspiration

We have previously posted a collection about Pricing Pages in Web Design but in this post we have collected the most creative and amazing pricing pages that we could find. In this round up, you will see how you can design pricing pages that are visually appealing, simple and let your visitors easily identify different types of packages you are offering. Let’s have a look and be inspired!

1. Yast

Simple and minimal design for the pricing page highlighting the personal package which is free and the business package that charges $4 per user per month. For custom package, you can contact them at any time.


2. Invoicera

This is a very colorful and visually appealing pricing page design. The use of different colors for different packages makes this design a visual treat.


3. 5pmweb

5pmweb makes use of a very brilliant approach to design their pricing page making it stand out in the crowd of dozen of ordinary pricing page designs.


4. Launchlist

Launchlist uses a very brilliant and catchy background for their pricing page design and makes it even more enticing with the graphics and presentations.


5. Volusion

This exclusively designed pricing page not only compares different packages but also highlights their most important and economical package.


6. Getsatisfaction

This website has a very minimal kind of design for its pricing page which is good from the customers’ point of view as it helps them to choose the right kind of package for themselves.


7. Ballpark

Ballpark presents four different plans with relevant information; however the same color used makes it difficult to distinguish between different packages.


8. Are My Sites Up?

In this design, you will see the use of different graphical element to add visual appeal to the overall page design while highlighting different packages with the help of different shades.

Are My Sites Up?

9. Zendesk

Among the four packages offered, they highlighted the Plus package as it offers additional features to the customers and they may be interested in testing the free trial prior to ordering.


10. HootSuite

Enjoy the refreshing color combination of this pricing page design along with fine use of typography.


11. LightCMS

A simple, effective design for a pricing page. In this pricing page design, you can see the use of different colors distinguishing different packages and their costs.


12. Business Catalyst

In this design, you can see creativity in the way the pricing of their packages are shown. The design is made for easy comparison between different packages as well as levels.

Business Catalyst


In this pricing page web design, simply two packages are shown and that is one daily package with $6 per day charge and one is a monthly package that is $90 per month.


14. Harvest

Three well defined and easy to compare packages are presented in this pricing page design with a pleasing design and color selection.


15. Strutta

Simple and uncluttered page design that successfully compares two packages and makes selection easier for prospective customers.


16. Ronin

Ronin makes use of a simple and elegant color for their pricing page design and highlights its most important package by bringing it to light while also focusing two other packages apart from the free one.


17. Goplanapp

A very simple and professional way of presenting their rates and different packages while also highlighting the most affordable package.


18. Media Temple

Images are added to create visual appeal. Monthly and yearly subscription charges are shown with a very captivating call to action button.

Media Temple

19. Pagelime

Here, they highlight their professional package with fewer charges but with adequate services that makes it an ideal one to pick. Color selection is good and matches with the overall theme of the site.


20. Dropsend

In this pricing page design, Standard package has been highlighted most among four other packages as it is economical and offers a good range of features.


21. Slidedeck

Slidedesk differentiates their packages with different color themes as well as with different content. This is quite a unique approach towards designing pricing page design.


22. Rocket Theme

A very classy and elegant looking pricing page design that highlight three packages with respect to their cost, number of days the package is valid as well as the entitlements.

Rocket Theme

23. Eleven2

The use of graphics in this pricing page design truly stands out. You can see how all four packages look different from one another though they are the same color.


24. GoSitewave

They just present three packages with their monthly charges that are highlighted at the top in order to make the selection process easier for the customers.


25. Tivo

This pricing page design goes beyond the ordinary styles of pricing page and presents the packages in a totally different way while keeping the whole selection process easier for their customers.


26. Big Cartel

Somewhat simple and ordinary pricing page design, however, it successfully fulfills the purpose of having a pricing page. The top bar differentiates between different packages.

Big Cartel

27. Albumdruck

This exclusively designed pricing page not only compares different packages but also highlights their most important and economical package. Further, eye catchy graphics have been used to add beauty to the overall design.


28. Github

A huge range of packages are displayed here focusing on charges and important features. The color theme and the way of presenting the packages can be a little bit better.

Plans  Pricing

29. PollDaddy

This pricing page design is indistinct and does not really stand out yet they effectively highlighted their professional package.


30. AgileZen

This design differentiates their different packages by highlighting their per month charges with beautiful mouse over effects.


31. Basecamp

This is the perfect example of an ideal pricing page design that brings all the important aspects of a pricing page to light. The premium package is highlighted more as the sweet spot.


32. Action Method

A very simple and effective way to let users select their preferred plan either they want to go for the free introductory plan or want to choose a premium plan for additional features.

Action Method

33. Traffik CMS

They did not use a traditional table style to showcase the difference between their different packages rather they simply list down features beneath the every package.

Traffik CMS

34. Openhallway

Simple and elegant design for a pricing page that displays all the important features of all of the packages being offered.


35. Bigcontacts

With the help of beautiful and soothing colors and a nice typography, this simple pricing page design really stands out and makes its place in the today’s collection.


36. Sifter

This one is pure eye candy; you will be pleased to look at this pricing page design that is different and unique from all the other pricing page designs in this compilation.


37. SolidShops

The standard package is highlighted emphasizing that it fits your needs the most and offers true value to your money.


38. Uploading

They highlighted their lifetime package as the one that their potential clients are supposed to choose along with two appealing call to action buttons.


39. SoftLayer

This is somewhat different and unique approach to design the pricing page of a website. This design mainly focuses on the graphical elements.


40. Brightbox

If you like dark designs then you will simply love this designs style.



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