Create a Soccer-Themed Text Effect in Photoshop

What You’ll Be Creating

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a soccer-themed text effect, using basic Layer Styles, brushes, and a couple of textures. Let’s get started!

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

1. Create the Background

Step 1

Create a new 1000 x 1000 px document, and set the Resolution to 300.

Set the Foreground color to #d9d9d9 and the Background color to #818181. Pick the Gradient Tool, choose the Foreground to Background gradient fill, and click the Radial Gradient icon.

Then, click and drag from a bit below the top right corner of the document to the bottom left corner to create the background gradient, and duplicate the Background layer.

667d7 Step 01 1 Create a Soccer Themed Text Effect in Photoshop

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Cherry on Top: Cherry Framework Review

WordPress theme frameworks are overwhelmingly available and famous nowadays because most designers find them easy to use, functional yet fully customizable. Using child themes that are supported by the parent framework, ‘personalized’ themes have become more attainable. There is a new framework in town- the Cherry Framework. This article is basically a Cherry Framework review.

Now, most theme frameworks come in premium versions, meaning, you have to pay some bucks just to get your WordPress site personalized. However, the spending doesn’t end there. After buying your framework, you would still be troubled by the child themes that you are going to install. Most of these child themes are not free.

TemplateMonster unleashed a new product called Cherry Framework, a theme framework that would suit all your personalization needs. Th best part of this particular framework is it is free, along with some child themes!

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A balance between design and functionality

There are thousands of mobile apps available for Android and iPhone. What makes the top grossing apps successful is that they can find the right balance between design and functionality. This partnership between the two makes an app skyrocket into success. Lets take a look at a couple of the most success designs out there, and see why they are so effective. Continue reading

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5 tips to move from graphic design to UX design

Vastly different from the days of posters and magazines, design in today’s digital world has many more layers of complexity. It requires designers to have an understanding of many different aspects of design, and to follow a process that ensures what we create really works.

If you’re a graphic designer looking to become a User Experience (UX) designer, it helps to understand exactly what you’re getting into. What is UX design? There are a number of different answers, but often it is a collective term that encompasses all the stages of design in the digital world (and beyond), including research, information architecture, wireframing and interaction design, visual design, usability testing and more. UX is about designing the entire experience a user has with a brand, product or service. Therefore, UX designers need to ask questions such as who, what, when, where, why and how when designing an experience from start to finish. Continue reading

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Retina-fy: Creating High Density Retina Displays for Your Website

High density retina displays or screens, like Apple’s Retina Display, have lots of pixels in a small space that it is almost impossible see the pixelation, thus, displaying smoother images and texts. Although Apple offered it first on the market, manufacturers have been releasing similar devices recently to compete with Apple.

When using Retina Display devices, you can see that other sites online appear blurry. This is because of the low-resolution images being stretched to fill the screen that makes the site look disgusting. A Retina Display scales 1px to 2px, making the size double. Continue reading

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